Tramigo Tracker

Tramigo T23, the bestselling and most advanced GPS/GSM tracking device in the world, is designed to work with any GSM phone. T23 brings security and peace of mind without on-going annual fees or monthly subscriptions. Tramigo T23 offers ultimate ease-of-use and privacy with inbuilt detailed TLD Landmarks, available in more than 200 countries and GSM areas in the world.

"There are no boundaries as to its applications; if you can conceal it you can track it"

Whether you want to find your Car, Van, Motorhome, Motorcycle or Boat the T23 will let you know where it is. No installation required. That way it can be used in conjunction with more than one of your possessions.

Main Features:

  • Standalone tracking. No annual fees, Pay as you Go
  • No computers or internet required
  • Use T23 with any pre or post-paid SIM
  • Track with any GSM phone card
  • T23 Track 100x60x21, weighing only 120g
  • T23 Fleet 130x60x26, weighing only 165g
  • T23 Magnum 130x80x36, weighing 320g
  • Inbuilt landmark data
  • SOS alerts
  • Easy to install and use
  • 24 months warranty

Tramigo T23 products are available from SimBox Ltd in the UK and Northern Ireland.