What is TLD?

Tramigo Landmark Data

Tramigo have dedicated a lot of time into the generation of their TLD system, it turns difficult coordinates and complicated maps into language that everybody anywhere can read and understand.

Landmarks are common way in which we all decried our location and age old means of a point of reference that everyone is able to speak and understand anywhere in the world.

Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) is exclusively available in SimBox tracking devices.

Every SimBox T23 includes built-in Tramigo Landmarks, which help users locate their tracked asset by describing its location relative to Landmark from within the (you can add your own Landmarks as well - thus personalising the reports from the SimBox). A SimBox T23 user does not need to understand or study complicated maps or coordinates, just local landmarks.

Tramigo landmarks are updated several times per year and are available for every country in the world.